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Walking Away The Denial

Over the past few years, I have been in denial.  Denial that I have a weight proplem that has gotten out of hand the way that it has.  Over time the 5 lbs. that I thought nothing of, has crept up to be well over 100 lbs. plus that I need to lose.   Now I know that this weight did not creep up over night, that it was gradual.  That I am fully responsible for the situation that I am currently in.

Having said that.  I am looking denial in the face and telling him to kiss my butt.  By facing that I have to take care of this instead of wishing it away, it means that I have to finally deal with it and take care of it.  How am I going to take care of this?  There are a lot of things I can do.  However with my size, there are limits that a fat girl can actually do.

Though I will say that I am blessed to live close enough to Cedar Point that I can go walk the park a few times.  One loop around Cedar Point equals two miles.  There is also Soak City as well.  Soak City is good for two reasons.  Cooling off on a hot summers day.  More importantly though, is that if you walk through Lazy River, it is good resistance for your legs and your burning twice the calories.  Even to walk up and down the beach at Cedar Point is good because the sand works against you.  There are even volleyball nets set up along the beach as well. 

There are a lot of options to get out and get moving.  Even if you dont have money.  Its not about joining the gym for me.  Its about getting moving and making the right decesions.  To kick denial in the butt and telling my weight proplem good-bye for good.


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